Stitch By Stitch Online ‘Expert’ Wig Master Class


My name is Daya Mauricia
I’m a professional custom wig-maker with 8 years of experience.
It is my mission to make women independent business owners! 

About me:
– Founder of Be unbeweaveable
– Specialized in the American
– Specialized in the European market 
– Certified Wig Master
– Cranial prosthesis specialist
– Visited India in 2014 to find top quality Hair 
– Author of 4 online wig courses
– E‑book out now!

What to expect?
During the online Wig Master Class, I will teach you how to create a professional closure wig on a sewing machine. The tutorials are beginner friendly but also suitable for those who would like to perfect their craft. Each tutorial is demonstrated & explained into the smallest details and can be rewatched for a duration of 90 days.

90% of my students are newbies and have never worked on a sewing machine before. Scroll down to see their first time results.

No experience is needed, you will also be able to create your own wig after following my
Online ‘Expert’ Wig Master Class. The course can be followed from the comfort of your home.
And I will teach you how to make a custom wig from scratch and how to run a successful wig making business.

Reasons why you should get it:

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