Raw Indian Straight Preview | The Perfect Low Maintenance Texture

Be unbeweaveable believes in providing the highest quality hair. To ensure this we visited India in person to do research and to meet with our supplier. Raw Indian Straight is available in 10-28” and the perfect low maintenance texture. You can wear it straight or curled. Each bundle is a 100 grams and you need a minimum of 2 or 3 bundles also depending on the length.

Did you know?
It is a very precise process to make bundles. A big part of this process is done by hand and takes at least 17 steps. Equaling almost one week

Authentic Raw Indian Hair has never been processed or chemically altered. And all cuticles are aligned to keep the hair from matting and tangling.

  • 90% of one hair bundle is from a single or double donor
  • The tonsuring process ensures all hair will be collected from the root. The root and tails of the Raw Indian Hair bundles are different in color
  • Indian Hair is unique due to variety in natural shades of black/brown. And textures that can vary from silky to coarse
  • Indian Hair is ethically sourced
  • Indian Hair is thick, lustrous and very durable
  • Indian Hair is free of any dangerous chemicals

Did you know this?
Raw Indian hair is very popular due to the variety in length, texture, softness and the high quality. But did you also know it is a very precise process to make bundles. Also a big part of this process is done by hand and takes at least 17 steps

1. Tonsuring
2. Bidding to buy hair
3. Segregation of sizes
4. Sorting (removing short hairs, bundling with rubber band)
5. Overnight soaking
6. Washing
7. Air drying
8. Removing short hair
9. Removing grey hair
10. Hair alignment for machine
11. Wefting on machine
12. Glueing
13. Trimming beard
14. Washing again
15. Bundling
16. Final deep conditioning wash

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