Keep Inspiring Others My Story Of Success

I’m a Raw Hair Specialist and Wig Instructor with more than 8 years of experience. Born in the Netherlands, I moved to Miami at the age of 25. Today I would like to share my business adventure with you. 

How did you come up with the name for your company?

My friend Nelson actually helped me. I knew I wanted something different than usual. I like the word unbeweaveable. As in having weave so amazing it’s unbeweaveable. But unbeweaveable by itself didn’t sound right. So after brainstorming with my friend he came up with Be unbeweaveable and I loved it.

What inspired you to start your business?

I was tired applying for jobs and not getting hired. I finished my Bachelor Degree in Communications and always worked while studying. But according to all the positions I applied for, I did not have enough experience. I really wanted to work in PR and Fashion, so at one point I decided to follow an internship in Amsterdam with the hopes of getting hired. I travelled every day from Rotterdam to Amsterdam, working 9-5 without actually getting paid. I was that determined. Unfortunately I did not get hired and decided to quit and travel around. I packed my bags and went to Miami, Colombia and on a cruise. I did not want to come back anymore but after 6 months my tourist visa ended. Once back home I decided not to work for a boss anymore. I always had an interest in hair and this was the start of my Be unbeweaveable adventure. 

Who was your first client? What did this client buy? 

My very client was a friend of a friend who bought bundles. I couldn’t afford a website yet, because I didn’t have any money. I was posting on Facebook / Instagram and relying on mouth to mouth advertising. I also turned one half of my living room into a little store. I had a big banner that I put in the middle of my living room. In a white Ikea closet I kept some stock and I sticked a price list on the wall. I had a high table with two chairs so my customers were able to sit while asking questions. They water upon arrival, and I had a welcome sign on my door to the living room to the shopping experience even more real. 

What resources did you have when you started? 

I just had a dream, the willpower and a supportive boyfriend who was crazy enough to join on my trip to India.


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