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10 tips to keep your closure/frontal unbeweaveable

Main tip!

1. Be gentle and trim the ends!

The closures/frontals are knotted by hand. The lace fabric can tear if you don’t handle it with care. It is also important to keep in mind that the weave is Raw meaning the ends are unprocessed and intact. Trimming the ends will give a healthy and full look.

2. Wash tip

Always be gentle while washing the closure/ frontal. Wash it lying flat in the sink and do not ‘rub’ to prevent tangling. Please remember that the hairs are manually ventilated to the lace net and therefore sensitive. Always comb the closure/ frontal well before washing using a wide toothed comb or a brush. Start at the ends and work your way to the top. Only comb the closure/frontal when saturated with conditioner not when saturated with Shampoo. Please visit my YouTube channel for a detailed video on ‘How to wash your wig’ (The same method applies for Closures/Frontals)

3. Wash tip

Squeeze the excess water out of the closure/frontal after washing with your hands. Do not use a towel to prevent rubbing the cuticles in the opposite direction and always air-dry

4. Conditioner tip

Always use a conditioner after shampoo! A good conditioner is necessary to soften the closure/ frontal. Without a conditioner the closure/ frontal becomes stiff since shampoo strips the hair from all oils, dirt, and moisture.

5. Bleaching

Please note that Bleaching Raw Indian Curly can make the curls looser. Always test strand and consult with a professional. If you have any questions, please ask.

6. Bleaching the knots tip

Bleaching the ‘knots’ is optional to give the closure/ frontal a natural scalp appearance. Always use a low percentage. Please note that bleaching can make the knots looser, this can result in hair coming out from the inside of the closure/frontal. You may also wear a skin color panty cap under the wigcap and use concealer to hide the knots and enhance the ‘scalp’ appearance. Click here for a tutorial on how to make your closure look natural.

7. Tweezing tip

It’s a must to customize the hairline to achieve a natural look while wearing a closure/frontal. Make sure to pluck without any rush to avoid tearing the lace. Try on the closure/frontal in between to prevent over plucking. Baby hairs can be trimmed with a razor or small scissors. We also teach Wig Master Classes if you would like to learn wig making and customization.

8. Styling tip

To attach the lace front you can use an elastic band on the inside and wig combs. Using glue is optional, We recommend Bold Hold or Got2Be Gel and Spray for the best results.

9. Tinting tip

If the lace doesn’t match your skin tone. Please use Lace tint. We have this product available on our website.

10. Recommended products

Heat protectant

L’Oréal Sleek it Heat Protectant


Biosilk Therapy Original

We also teach Wig Master Classes if you would like to learn wig making and customization.

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