Inspire And Support Each Other

I’m a Raw Hair Specialist and Wig Instructor with more than 8 years of experience. Born in the Netherlands, I moved to Miami at the age of 25.

At one of my first Wig Master Class, I remember one of my students mentioning that she found it special that I was willing to share my skills with others.  I was surprised by her comment because I honestly never felt that by teaching Wig Master Classes I would loose clients. It makes me proud and fulfilled If another female starts her own business or starts teaching Wig Master Classes as well after attending my class.
As females we should inspire and motivate each other and not feel intimidated or being spiteful. There is room for everybody. Meet 3 of my female business owner friends Bella, Richelle and Naomi.

Meet Bella 

I met Bella at Laurenzo’s Farmers Market in Miami, we exchange numbers and since then we have been close friends. Over time I saw Bella transitioning from working for a company to establishing her own marketing business ‘Exposed’. Based in South Florida Exposed operates as a private catering and event staffing agency.

At Exposed Bella and her team create stunning events, paying meticulous attention to every detail , whether big or small. They understand that each client they work with is unique, and therefore, they offer customized services tailored to accommodate their specific needs and desires.

Bella’s dedication resulted in building a strong reputation in Miami and serving A-list clients. Bella is very business minded and always comes up with great ideas. I love how she also inspires me to keep growing and improving. To learn more about Bella’s business you can visit her website


Meet Richelle

I met Richelle 23 years ago at Highschool Wolfert van Borselen in Rotterdam. At school we were partners in crime for various projects and we studied together for exams. We are both very competitive and definitely make a great team. Through all our ups and downs we are still very close friends after all these years. Definitely a sister from another mother. And we still talk on a daily basis, even though I moved to America.

Richelle started her business Healthy by Choice in June 2016.
Her motto is: A Healthy Life Is A Conscious Choice
It all started with the gluten- & lactose intolerance of her son. He needed to eat different. On a daily base Richelle was researching how a person could be intolerant for food/drinks. She followed several courses to learn more about what effect different kind of nutritions could have on the (inside of) the body & mind.
Richelle coaches the woman and their families to a healthy and strong body. She also loves to give workshops at organizations, youth foundations and schools.  As a health coach she enjoys helping people to feel better, get stronger and live longer.

I feel grateful to have Richelle in my life, she is a true friend I can count on no matter what. She is very thoughtful, supportive and will be the first to cheer you on. Richelle is not only a great business woman, but also a wonderful mother. It motivates me seeing her running her business, while being a mother and loving partner. Juggling all this is not easy. Richelle is my to go person if I need advise, she adds value to my life and I know that this is a lifelong friendship. To learn more about Richelle’s business you can visit her website


Meet Naomi

I met Naomi a couple of years ago at the office to endorse dog travel papers. We started the conversation in English and quickly realized we were from the same country ( the Netherlands) and even the same city (Rotterdam). It’s amazing to meet a person from ‘Home’ all the way in Miami. We exchanged numbers and also our doggies get along great.

Naomi sells Vintage clothing on Poshmark and started her business in 2019, she actually got inspired by the movie Girlboss on Netflix. I love and it inspires me how she turned her passion into a business after moving from the Netherlands to Miami.
Naomi has a great eye for detail, and she sells wonderful pieces on Poshmark. She build a huge platform and she keeps growing. I’m excited to see what the future will bring for her. Visit Naomi’s Poshmark page to learn more about her business and to score your next statement piece.

I hope the stories of my friends were inspiring. I personally love being surrounded by these role models and powerful women. Let’s run the world together.  Ciao Daya

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