Gain Vital Skills To Start A Wig Business!

Did you know this? A custom wig service can bring over $10000 per month. Start your own business today with my Online ‘Ultimate’ Wig Master Class.
Are you ready to:
✅ Create an additional income source
✅ Create custom products by yourself
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This Class Is For You!

My exclusive step-by-step program and online expertise can guarantee:
✅ You will create a custom wig on a sewing machine from scratch, customize the lace and learn how to run a successful business.

Learn Vital Skills At Your Own Pace

✅ How to pluck your closure or frontal
✅ How to cut the lace
✅ How to tint the closure
✅ How to replace your closure
✅ How to price your wigs
✅ How to give the best customer service
✅ How to promote your business

Who I am and Why You Will Succeed

My name is Daya Mauricia
✅ A professional custom wig maker with 8 years of experience
✅ The owner of Be unbeweaveable, a brand that is well-known in the USA and the Netherlands
✅ I traveled to India in 2014 to find the best quality Raw Indian Hair
✅ The author of 4 online wig courses, and a E-book
✅ My mission is to make women feel beautiful/confident and independent business owners


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