Find Your Niche In The Beauty Business – Join My Wig Master Class

Please ask yourself these questions.  
1. Are you detail oriented? 
2. Do you like sewing? 
3. Do you like empowering other females? 
4. Are you empathic and do you like communicating?
5. Are you creative?
6. Do you dream about changing the industry? 
7. Would you like to create custom wigs made of luxury Raw Indian Hair instead of synthetic ones?   
If you have at least 3 YES enrolling for my Online Wig Master Class will be a great personal investment.

Wig Making
From A To Z

During the Wig Master Class you will learn how to:
– Make a wig from scratch
– Work on a sewing machine
– Find first clients
– Provide the best customer service
You will get in person expertise and learn how to find your niche in the beauty business.


Who Am I And Why You Will Succeed

My name is Dayanitsa Mauricia. Here are 7 facts about me:
1. A professional custom wig maker with 8 years of experience
2. Over 85 wigs have been created by me this year alone
3. The owner of Be unbeweaveable, a brand that is well-known in the USA and the Netherlands
4. I traveled to India in 2014 to find the best quality Raw Indian Hair
5. The author of 4 online wig courses, and I recently launched my E-book
6. 200+ people have attended my wig making courses since 2017
7. It is my mission to make women feel beautiful and confident and to help independent business owners

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