Create The Perfect Wig With My Online Wig Master Class

Have you ever looked for a wig? You may know how hard it is to find a beautiful unit that fits you. Here are the common difficulties ladies face. 

Awful, isn’t it?

A ready to go wig usually doesn’t fit your head. It’s too big or too small. The wig descents to your forehead, slides back or feels uncomfortable. There is not enough volume and the hairline doesn’t look natural. Finding the perfect fit can really be challenging. 

Why Create A Custom Wig

A custom wig is made to fit you like a glove. You will take head measurements and choose your preferred wig cap. You will pick the best hair quality, the desired length/volume and customize your hair line. The benefit is being in complete control without depending on others and styling the wig exactly to your liking. 

Register for my Online ‘Expert Wig Master Class and you will learn how to create the perfect custom wig on a sewing machine.

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